Zombie Undead Premiere @ The Phoenix 15th, 16th & 17th of Jan!
16 December 2009

—Zombie Undead

Zombie Undead will be shown on the 15th, 16th & 17th of January at the Phoenix in Leicester. Go to the Phoenix website for more information

I don’t about you but we’re excited!! Bring it on!!


The Campbell Theory

New Track
16 December 2009

—In House Projects, —Behind The Scenes

Well after the intensity of the Zombie Undead soundtrack we got back to working on tracks for our next release which was quite a refreshing change. We wrote a 13 second piece of music for one of the chase scenes in ZU and decided to elaborate on it.

In the space of two hours we’ve managed to get rough versions of the chorus and verses as well as a beginning – a pretty good session all round. Although very rough it seems to be heading in the direction of Grandaddy crossed with some kind of dark ambient electronic soundtrack so all good as far as we’re concerned. We’re probably looking at using some more commodore 64 sounds – we recently took some effects from an old c64 game called Uridium (if you’re old like us then you might know which game we’re talking about!) for the track ‘Star Transparent’ which worked well. The song is quite heavily driven by old c64/spectrum style synth sounds (kinda similar to grandaddy I guess) I dont think you can ever have enough synth electronic stuff… If you want to check Star Transparent out visit our myspace

Hopefully we should have a near finished rough version of the track come Sunday evening so I’ll drop another blog on once we have an update.



The Campbell Theory

By Night, We Travel
6 December 2009

—In House Projects

After three months of Zombies it was quite a relief to get out of the house and do something completely different. On Thursday 3rd December we shot a video for the track ‘by night, we travel’ and were lucky enough to have one of Leicesters most amazing venues for the video shoot. Leicester City Council very kindly gave us the guildhall for the day which was pretty cool of them when you consider the place is almost 700 years old!

So we spent most of the day freezing our asses off and listening to the soing over and over again, now I like the song… but not quite that much! We’re really looking forward to the finished product as the director of the video, Fraser West (Westandbydesign) seems very happy with the footage he’s been over since Thursday.

Hopefully the video will be online within the coming weeks so keep and eye out and let us know your views!

Thanks for reading


The Campbell Theory

Zombie Undead – And we’re finished!
3 December 2009

—Zombie Undead

Final Scene

The music for the final scene was completed at the end of last week. It was refreshing to work on a scene that didnt contain endless corridors

The scene starts with the two main characters walking through the countryside having escaped the clutches of the zombie whordes. As it starts without any sound effects the music needed to drive the scene so we went with some low mixed high notes and dropped in some reverse piano notes. We dropped in a crazy drum and bass section for a chase scene which suprisingly worked quite well. The film ends with the song ‘Abandon! Concrete City’ which we wrote to give the film a big apocalyptic ending and having seen the whole thing edited together I think we’re both pleased with how it fits. The ‘End Titles’ track ‘don’t be scared of the robot, david’ is pretty much the opposite. It’s very upbeat and a bit of a relief from the more somber Concret City. We took the robotic singing out though… it somehow didn’t quite fit!

ZU no more

It’s been a crazy three months. On top of our fulltime jobs we’ve both been working solidly on the soundtrack. At times it’s seemed like we might not hit the deadline but eventually got there. We’ve had to learn pretty quickly and the experience has been pretty damn awesome although it’d be nice to work on a soundtrack and not have to a 40 hour shift at work on top of it!

We’ve had a really good time working on the music and have learnt an incredible amount. We’ve managed to create over 100 sounds working on ZU which we’ve banked for future projects. It’s amazing what you sounds you can get from recording a corona bottle fizzing or scraping metal across concrete

We’ve put a selection of audio clips on the website. If you go to either the ‘audiovisuals’ or ‘discrography’ you can check some of the audio out. The movie will be released officially in Jan/Feb 2010 so keep an eye out. If you’d like to know anything more about the sounds in the audio tracks please feel free to either comment on this post or drop us an email and we’ll do our best to help you.

Apologies if this is a little brief. It’s been crazily busy!


The Campbell Theory

Zombie Undead – The end is nigh!
15 November 2009

—Zombie Undead

Ok so we’ve been working solidly on the music for Zombie Undead for about 3 months now, it’s been pretty insane, tough dealines and one hell of a learning curve but overall a superb experience. I’m talking like we’re finished… we’re not… but we’re almost there… almost.

Today we worked on the last but one section. In this we had two main points to tackle. A one on one fight between the character Jay and a zombie, followed by a mass of Zombies closing in on the small group of remaining characters left at the end of the movie.

Jay vs Zombie

There are a number of one on one zombie attack scenes in ZU and in keeping with the laws of continuity we’ve kept to a certain structure to the music. Very heavy bass and bass drum driven but with different arrangements over the top depending on the feel of the scene.

With this we went straight into a heavy full on beat with various low sub notes and orchestral pitch bending tracks. Due to the nature of the scene we took a ‘white noise’ approach, although the beat gives the section a certain amount of structure we wanted a nauseous and intense feel so we added various guitar feedback, metal scraping and high pitched noises and applied a mixture of pitch bending and reverb (you can never have too much reverb!!) to give it the desired effect.

The result is a very oppressive and nasty ten seconds of horrific notes and stomach churning low end sub notes… marvellous!

Zombies closing in

Although similar to the above scene we wanted to build this up at a more controlled rate as the Zombies aren’t on top of the characters until the last few seconds of the scene. We approached this with a steady build up, bringing in clean piano notes and guitar strikes to try and give it a more contemporary feel whilst still staying true to the good old George Romero Zombie flicks. As the Zombies close in we bring in heavier piano as well as adding distorted guitars into the mix. We used a live kit sample in fruity loops as we wanted this section to feel far more live. To finish we added a few violin and chelo tracks to help bring the piece to a dramatic climax.

Well we’re now over 90% complete. Hopefully we should have audio compositions from the movie online soon so keep checking the audiovisuals section.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out.


The Campbell Theory